Croydon SF Meeting tomorrow night, 9 June

It's the Croydon Science Fiction pub meeting tomorrow night. It's unlikely to be in the garden, unless someone fancies setting a (Dog & Bull) record of 3 successive meetings spending some time in the garden.

Dog & Bull Surrey Street from 8. Come & see what they've done with the place.

Croydon SF Meeting Tuesday

Croydon meeting tonight for those nearby at the Dog & Bull on Surrey Street from 8.

I hope to be there, but it will be my first day back in the office after a week off with flu and one day working from home, so I may not make it.

Croydon SF Meeting 9 December

As no-one else has posted this, it's left to me again...

The Christmas pub meeting is tomorrow night at the Dog & Bull in Surrey Street from 8.

See you there, assuming Southern Railways play ball (and there's no guarantee of that at the moment.)

Pre-Worldcon Croydon SF Meeting Tuesday

It's that rare beast tomorrow: a Croydon pub meeting 2 days before a British Worldcon.

So if you fancy a drink with SF fans and only slightly expensive beer, come along to the Dog & Bull on Surrey Street from 8.

I may well not make it - I'm playing in a cricket match in SE London (nothing fancy - works team) and there's a BBQ afterwards, so I don't know if I'll get there, but I'll try. If not, I'll see you at Worldcon.

Croydon SF Meeting 10 June

In case anyone can't count to 2 - it's the second Tuesday of the month & time for us all to talk Science Fiction at the Dog & Bull on Surrey Street.

Having read all of the Hugo shortlist short fiction, I can confidfently say it's (nearly) all sh*t.

Starts at 8, so see you there.