Travails By Train

A tale of transport torment and tedium

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Ian T
I'm 40-ish, lj-curious, read lots of SF, do lots of cryptic crosswords, particularly the Guardian & Listener crosswords (even winning prizes for the Listener & Guardian Genius ones!), go to most Eastercons & the very occasional other con. I'm a regular attendee at the Croydon SF pub meetings where I meet people who are even weirder than I apparently am. Pet hates: bigots, politicians in it for their own ends (does that leave any?), smoking, train companies who can't run a decent train service, mobile phone users who talk too loudly...and no doubt many more!

What else? Oh yes, I'm married to the wonderful Kathy and have an equally wonderful 16 year old daughter, Charlotte.

I work in IT, I do lots of travelling by train to & from work, which gives me lots of time to read and listen to the music on my iRiver H140.

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